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BGA Ball Grid Array Array of tiny balls in contact with some internal wiring of an electronics package.
Each ball is meant to swim in a certain amount of solder during the reflow process.
BGAs enable high PC / HD part-to-PCB connections with very low profile.
CPU Central Processing Unit The central Part that runs the computer, often also referred to as µP.
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language Innovative concept for retrieval of keywords in a single text, and, beyond that, inter-networking in a lot of scientific texts originally.
Invented by Tim Berners-Lee of CERN at Geneva, Switzerland.
The very basis for the explosive success of the WWW on the internet.
µP Micro-Processor Highly integrated circuit capable of processing data through executing code.
PC Pin Count Number of connections between a component and the PCB
must be high for VLSI components in high speed applications.
PCB Printed Circuitry Board Carrier for soldered-on components containing circuitry wiring.
May be single- or double-sided or of multilayer design.
Modern designs are of SMT type, components placed by robots
then reflow soldered to the PCBs pads.
QFP Quad Flat Pack A µchip in a quadratic or rectangular shaped housing
(mostly of plastic) with connections on either edge of it.
SMT Surface Mount Technology components which do not have wires to be solderd through PCB holes
but are soldered directly to the PCBs pads and kept in place solely by that.
VLSI Very large Scale Integration Millions of transistors on a chip the size of a fingernail
WWW World Wide Web You are looking at it right now.
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